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Some of the main dishes from the restaurant which I have tried to break down and make into easy to follow recipes.  Click on the links to view the full recipe.

Oven Roasted Salmon Fillet with Piquillo Pepper Sauce

Mango Chicken chicken breast wrapped in vine leaves served with a sauce of mango, coconut milk and a hint of curry

Cod Fillet with Herb Crust and Tapenade this dish of fresh cod with a herb crust garnished with black olive tapenade, pea and mint puree and finished with a light butter sauce.

Chicken Pizzaiola a fantastic flavoursome tomato sauce with breaded chicken breast and melting mozzarella

Cajun Chicken with Beer Poached Cajun Shrimp wonderful spicy flavours but with added textures by cooking the prawns in beer.

Chicken Tournedos on a bed of home made pate with a pistachio cream sauce  a stunning dinner party dish.  I actually served this with a different sauce for New Year's Eve

Lemon Tree Rossini  This is our version of the classic Tournedos Rossini - a sumptuous dish with fillet steak.  Definitely a special occasion dish and well worth the effort.

Pan Fried Cod Fillet with Chorizo & Piquilo Pepper Sauce I like to buy whole cod and fillet them, then use the head and bones to make stock.  For me this is the best and most economic way - cod is a precious fish so it is only right to use all of it.

Roast Turbot with Prawns in a light Saffron Sauce  Turbot is definately a prince amongst fish!  In this recipe I roast a whole turbot then make a sauce with king prawns, wine, fish stock, saffron and cream all served with fresh home made pasta.

Chicken with Lobster and Holandaise  Breaded chicken breast, half a lobster and a delicate rich holandaise with a pinch of cayenne - delicious!  And really quite easy.

Bistro Burger a good, home made burger can be a thing of beauty

Steak and Kidney Pie A great steak and kidney pie for a cold winter's evening.  Tender chunks of meat in a rich gravy and home made shortcrust pastry.

Salmon En Croute Fresh salmon fillet and salmon mousse wrapped in home made pastry, roasted and served with a white wine & mushroom cream sauce - delicious!


Roast Whole Sea Bass with sliced sweet potatoes, roast courgette and cherry tomatoes.

Salmon and Broccoli Quiche serve with a bowl of salad, some coleslaw and a few chips or Jersey Royals for a great summer meal.

Home Made Cannelloni Bolognaise once you've made this you'll never buy ready made cannelloni again!

Whole Plaice Stuffed with Salmon Mousse great looking with great flavours but amazingly easy

Turkey and Leek Pie a beautiful home made pie for every day

Pan Fried Sea Bass Fillets with Mushroom Ravioli served with a dill butter sauce a special occasion dish that's worth the effort

Monkfish Tail wrapped in Serrano Ham with Mussels and Pasta