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About Me

Hi! My name is David, I am the former chef and proprietor of the Lemon Tree Restaurant in Torrevieja, Sunny Spain. 

My wife, Kathie, and I ran the Lemon Tree, a small intimate restaurant on the coast road between Torrevieja and La Mata in Southern Spain, for more than 5 years.  We then ran a dining club / pop-up restaurant from our home.  Over the previous 6 years we built up a loyal client base who supported us with our new venture working from home. By catering for smaller numbers with everyone pre-booked I was able to experiment with some new dishes that may not have seen it onto a restaurant menu.

We have now moved away from Spain and set up a brand new restaurant in the French Pyrenees.  La Meridienne has been open since May 2015 and I am happy to report that it is going in the right direction! Details of our new restaurant can be found at  As always I am happy to hear from anyone with suggestions and would love to welcome you to our new restaurant.

Some people's passion is football - mine is food.

I am compiling this blog with some of my favourite recipes and some of my customers' favourites.  The idea is to provide a simple, one-stop recipe compilation for any occasion, but also for it to be approachable and easy to use for the everyday cook.  I hope to be able to share some great dishes with you and welcome any feedback.  Please keep checking back as the compilation grows.

I believe that food should be fun and cooking good food equally fun.  Let's take the mystique out of creative food and enjoy ourselves.