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Friday, 14 November 2014

Whole Plaice Stuffed with Salmon Mousse Served with Pommes Anna

November is a quiet time in the catering industry - summer is over and Christmas is not yet here.  It's at these times that chefs can become a little bored which can be great if you live with one because it is a time for experimenting with new and different dishes.  Whilst shopping the other day I had no idea what to buy for dinner until I saw these lovely fresh plaice on the fish counter.  They are only small plaice, 400 g each, so I bought one for each of us.  Dinner sorted! Nearly.

I also bought a salmon tail and some fresh asparagus on special offer and here's what we had for dinner.
Whole Plaice Stuffed with Salmon Mousse Served with Buttered Asparagus and Pommes Anna

Start by making the salmon mousse.  Remove the skin and any bones from the salmon and chop into smaller pieces.  Put the salmon into a food processor with some fresh dill, salt & pepper and a good measure of cream.  Blitz on high until the salmon reaches a mousse-like texture.  The amount of cream you add will determine how light the mousse is but be careful not to drown it!
To prepare the plaice.  Using some kitchen scissors cut round the edge of the fish removing the "skirt" bones.  With a sharp knife cut down the length of the top of the fish and then by angling the knife run it over the bones to lift the fillet.  Do this on both sides of the back bone on the top of the fish.  Once the fillets have been lifted (but not removed) you can stuff in the salmon mousse.

They are now ready for the oven.  Grease a flat baking sheet with butter and add a little butter to each plaice. Bake for 12-15 minutes at 200C.
To serve chop off the head and remove the skin and the line of bones round the edge that have been revealed after the skin is off.

I served them with some Pommes Anna - recipe here for pommes anna and some asparagus cooked in seasoned butter.  The fish were so fresh plus the butter that is in the Pommes Anna and the asparagus that I did not serve a sauce.

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