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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Pan Fried Sea Bass Fillets, Mushroom Ravioli, Celeriac Puree and Dill Butter Sauce

I know the heading reads like a random list of ingredients but, trust me here, when they are put together you have the most wonderful sea bass dish.

As I have often said before I always like to buy whole fish but I know that you can easily buy ready filleted sea bass. If you are buying whole fish and filleting them yourself ask your fishmonger to gut and scale them for you.  For first timers stick the point of a sharp knife into the back of the fish by the dorsal fin and feel for the back bone.  Using the back bone as a guide run the knife over the top and out the other side.  In other words you will see the point of your knife appear through the belly of the fish.  Once again using the bone as a guide run the knife horizontally toward the tail.  Now run the knife back toward the head.  You can either slice straight through the rib bones or use them as a guide and cut round them.  I tend to cut round them.
Remove the fillet from the bone, flip the fish over and repeat for the other side.
Remember, as we say in kitchens, meat on the fillet - the customer pays but meat on the bones and chef pays!!
Keep the head and bones for stock -  fish stock recipe here

For the Raviloi;
1 quantity pasta - pasta recipe here
1 onion diced
150 g mushrooms (button, oyster, bolets etc) chopped
1 clove garlic
olive oil for frying
Cook off all the ingredients together, add some seasoning and allow to cool.
Roll out half your pasta as thin as possible then using a teaspoon place a little of the mushroom filling along your pasta sheet at spaces of about 3 cm.
Roll out the rest of your pasta and place over the top of your first sheet.
Seal each raviolo, pushing out any air, by brushing a little water to make the join.
Cut them out with either a cutter or manually
I usually freeze ravioli until I need them.  Cook for approx 6 minutes in boiling salted water.

For the Celeriac Puree;
Peel and chop a celeriac into bite size chunks
Boil them until soft
Drain off the water and transfer to a blender / liquidiser
Blitz the celeriac until smooth, add a splash of cream and some salt and pepper.
The idea is to get a beautifully smooth puree with no excess liquid.

For the Dill Sauce;
Put 100 ml dry white wine in a pan over a medium heat.
Allow the wine to reduce and then start adding cold butter piece by piece until the sauce starts to thicken.
Add some chopped fresh dill just before serving.

To Cook the Sea Bass;
I normally put 3 slashes in the skin of each fillet.
Cook the sea bass fillets skin side down in butter in a flat pan over a medium heat.  Cook for approx 2 minutes then flip the sea bass fillets over and take the pan off the heat.  Let the residual heat of the pan finish cooking the bass for 90 seconds.
Serve with fondant potatoes, top with the ravioli and sauce.  Garnish with a nice quenelle of the puree (I'm not really into smears of puree across a plate!) and a piece of fresh dill.

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