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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Chicken Liver & Raspberry Salad

I love chicken livers in pretty much all their forms whether it be pate, whole in sauce or cold in salad.  Their versatility and flavour is superb - and, of course, they are pretty cheap!

There is absolutely nothing complicated about this recipe but I just wanted to share it.  A very simple salad with plenty of flavour - enjoy it as a starter or lunchtime snack.  You could even bulk it out and enjoy as a healthy main meal.

To make a starter size salad for 2 people;

150 g fresh chicken livers
3 bacon rashers - streaky smoked is my preferred
100 g fresh raspberries
8 endive leaves
small handfull of rocket
olive oil
sherry vinegar

Trim any excess sinew from the livers and cut them into bite size chunks.  Slice the bacon into pieces.  Heat a little olive oil in a pan over a fairly high heat, add the bacon and stir fry for 30 seconds before adding the livers.  Stir the livers to cook them evenly.  Chicken livers can be served pink but I understand that not everyone likes them like that.

Cook the livers for approx 2 minutes and then de-glaze the pan with a splash of sherry vinegar and cook for a further 30 seconds.

Remove the pan from the heat and toss in the raspberries coating them with the cooking juices.  Serve at once on a bed of rocket with endive - delicious!