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Friday, 13 June 2014

Cod "Scotch" Eggs

Normally we expect a Scotch egg to have a boiled egg in the centre wrapped in pork sausage meat and fried with golden breadcrumbs on the outside - well these are a little different whilst still following the same principle.

At the heart of these is a boiled quail egg and the casing is beautiful fresh cod and then they are breadcrumbed and fried.  I like to serve them as a tapa with a home made relish of beetroot, radish and wholegrain mustard.

Here's how;

To make 8 -10 you will need;
350g fresh cod fillet skinned and pin-boned
200ml fresh milk
2-3 potatoes mashed
8-10 quail eggs
20g butter
salt, pepper, chopped parsley

Start by poaching your cod fillet gently in milk until the cod is just cooked and starting to flake.

At the same time boil your potatoes until soft and ready for mashing.

Remove the cod from the milk and flake it into a separate bowl.

Once the potatoes are cooked mash them with the butter and enough of the milk to make a nice creamy consistency mash.

Add some seasoning to the cod and spoon in some mash a little at a time.  The aim is to bind the cod not make mash potato with cod.

Bring a pan of water to the boil.  Once boiling add your quail eggs.  Boil for 3 minutes NO MORE! Ideally 2 minutes 45 seconds.
As soon as the time has passed put the eggs in a new bowl of cold water with some ice and a few drops of wine vinegar and peel the shells.  I normally ask my wife to peel the eggs as her hands are smaller and more nimble than mine!!

In one hand scoop a little of the cod mixture, with the other roll an egg in some flour and place in the middle of the cod mixture.  Now wrap the cod mixture round the egg and roll between your hands to make a ball ensuring that you have an even covering all the way round the egg.  Repeat the process for the remaining eggs.

To breadcrumb the scotch eggs - first roll in flour then in some eggwash and finally breadcrumbs. Deep fry for about 4 minutes at 180C until golden brown.

For the relish - grate 1 cooked beetroot, grate 5-6 salad radishes and stir in 1 teaspoonful of wholegrain mustard.  Add a little salt & pepper, stir well and serve.