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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Salmon and Broccoli Quiche

Salmon and broccoli add a nice richness and flavour to this classic quiche.

Ingredients to make a 26cm quiche;- 1 quantity short crust pastry, 1 head broccoli, 300 g fresh salmon, 4 eggs and 50 ml double cream.

Roll out your pastry to line your flan case and bake it "blind" for 10 minutes in a pre heated oven at 200C.

Trim the florets from the head of broccoli and blanch them in boiling lightly salted water.  I can't bear soggy broccoli so I blanch them so that they still have a little "bite".

Cut the salmon into 1cm pieces and gently fry them in a little oil.

Whisk your eggs together with the cream.  Add some salt and pepper to season the mix.

Once your pastry case has cooked turn the  oven down to 160C.

Allow the pastry to cool a little then add the salmon and broccoli as evenly as possible and pour over the egg mixture.  Back in the oven for approx 20 -25 minutes until the egg has set and there you go one of the easiest dishes you will cook!

Serve the quiche hot with some fresh chips and salad or keep it until cool and serve with coleslaw, salad and a jacket potato.  Delicious!

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