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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Lemon Tree Rossini

This is our version of the classic Tournedos Rossini - a sumptuous dish with fillet steak.  Definitely a special occasion dish and well worth the effort.

Here's what you need for 2 portions;  2 trimmed fillet steaks approx 200 g each, 50 g home made Chicken Liver Pate,  2 slices French bread for crostini, olive oil, salt & pepper to season, serve and garnish with grilled tomato, onion rings and home made potato wedges.

For the sauce;  25 g butter, mixed mushrooms eg. oyster, chanterelle, cep, bolet (fresh or dried), 100 ml red wine, 200 ml demi glace

1)  prepare the crostini by soaking the French bread with olive oil and placing in a hot oven until they crisp (but not burn!).  Spread the cooled crostini with a thick layer of the pate and keep to one side until ready to assemble the dish.

2)  have everything prepared for your chosen garnish/accompaniments

3)  in the restaurant I cook the steak on a full size griddle but, at home, use a very hot skillet pan.  I always lightly season each side of the steak before cooking.  For a medium-rare steak cook each side about 3 minutes before turning it.  I turn each side twice to give the criss-cross pattern on the steak, therefore cooking the steak for approx 12 minutes.  For a well done steak you will need to cook it longer and I recommend turning the heat down slightly on the griddle pan so that you cook the inside without just burning the outside of the steak.

4)  make the sauce - in a shallow pan melt the butter and mushrooms together,  add the wine and, over a high heat, let the wine reduce by half.  Now add the demi glace and bring the sauce back to simmer and reduce until you are happy with the consistency of the sauce.  Good quality demi glace can be bought in powdered form but for an extra special occasion you could make from scratch using beef bones.  I will show you how in the Kitchen Basics page.

5)  to assemble the dish, place the crostini with pate in the middle of your plate and place the steak neatly on the top and finish off with the sauce.  Garnish with grilled tomato and onion rings.  Serve the wedges separately.