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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Chocolate Ganache

A beautiful, rich and smooth chocolate sauce for cakes and tarts.

Here's what you need; 125 ml double/whipping cream, 100 g good quality dark chocolate 70% cocoa, 25 g butter, 25 g sugar.

Here's what you do;

1)  heat the cream over a gentle heat until it just boils.  Remove from the heat.
2)  add the sugar and starting adding the chocolate one chunk at a time and gently whisk

3)  keep whisking as you add all the chocolate and butter.
4)  the ganache is now ready to use - filling cakes, topping tarts etc.  As it cools it will set, so use while still warm to gain that beautiful shiny, level finish.
Here's a link to the chocolate bizcocho that I use ganache in;
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